My Honest Review: Destiny 2

If you were stoked about Destiny, then you are no doubt super stoked about Destiny 2. We are currently a few months away from the official release of Destiny 2, which still seems like an eternity when you are eagerly awaiting a title to be released. Luckily, I got a chance to play Destiny 2 at E3 2017. So let’s jump right in.

For those that do not know, Destiny is has a great blend of both first person shooters and MMORPG elements. Anyone that has played an MMO knows how the game can be really great or really bad depending on whom you play with. Destiny 2 continues this style of game while tweaking its gameplay, mechanics, and overall feel.

For my demo, I was able to team up with 2 others and explore the Strike “The Inverted Spire”. Our team of 3 begins by testing the buttons, emotes, guns, and abilities at our disposal. I was playing as a Warlock and most of the game seemed familiar but different at the same time. Graphically, the character animations seemed very similar. I didn’t notice much if any improvement over the character models. I did notice the weapon effects seemed prettier with more explosions and sprites. Where I noticed the most change was in the level design. The levels were very pretty. In keeping with the original Destiny, the maps were huge and very detailed.

During the Strike you make your way across the battlefield killing everything in sight. Your goal is to reach a mini-boss that takes up most of the screen. It was an awesome fight that had various waves of enemies spawning that you had to destroy while making sure not to fall to your death. Parts of the floor seemed to give way at different stages of the bosses’ health. (I could be wrong about this). Upon defeating the boss, you make your way to a giant drill. This drill is massive and will kill you in one hit. You are forced to kill what seems like 100 enemies while dodging the drill, and making your way into a cave. Remember what I said about having a good team? Make sure you have one that can dodge things.

Overall, I truly enjoyed Destiny 2. I am looking forward to playing it in a few months. My suggestion is to buy it if you enjoyed the first. Destiny 2 has made quite a few improvements such as: you can carry one type of each weapon damage type, instead of the type of weapon itself. If the above sounds like a game that you would enjoy definitely give it a shot. If you are a hater and dislike all first person shooters, give it a try anyways. The sharp wit and humor are always entertaining!

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