E3 2017 updates thus far Hyped or Disappointed?!

There have been quite a few announcements so far at E3.

EA had their press conference on Saturday. Most of the conference was about their latest installment from the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Battlefront 2 appears to be a lot more immersive than Battlefront was. Perhaps the biggest upgrade is a campaign mode which will hopefully cater to those that might not be in a broadband area. They have made quite a few enhancements to the Multiplayer mode by adding in the Droids as a playable character. New heroes such as Rey and Darth Maul have been added as well, because who doesn’t love a dual bladed lightsaber!?


Microsoft had their press release on Sunday and I was quite pleased. Perhaps the two most notable mentions were their new system the Xbox One X. It’s touted as the most powerful gaming console to hit the market. I have to say though, I am quite impressed with how much more powerful and smaller the system is. * Remember how big the original Xbox was? *Microsoft is claiming true 4k gaming with HDR and a full 60 fps. The biggest issue is the price tag. The console should hit markets this November at close to $500.


Then Microsoft did something unexpected, they announced that they were going to start making the Xbox One backwards compatible to OG Xbox games as well. This will bring a lot of new games to the already expansive Xbox One library.


The question on everyones mind is: What will Sony and Nintendo do to compete, now that the news it out? What do you all think of the news thus far?

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