Our review, Zelda: Breath of the Wild

First of all, I am going to apologize for not regularly posting these reviews and/or news. I have one big complaint with Zelda: BotW. It came out at a bad time. WAIT!!! before you start throwing sticks and stones at me, let me explain.

I absolutely love Horizon: Zero Dawn. I have been waiting for that game since June. HZD finally came out and had me hooked! Then, Zelda comes out…and makes me stop playing HZD. Will Mass Effect have the same affect? Who knows!? So, back to my explanation. Gamers everywhere either rejoiced or cried, because three absolutely great titles are released with little time to finish each game.

Now for the review; What can I say that millions of other people haven’t already experienced?  People have drawn a lot of similarities between this game and Ocarina of Time.

You start out, being awakened by a strange voice. Surprisingly, Link has lost his memory of past events. As you progress through the game, Link uncovers his past and sets forth on completing his destiny. Sorry, no spoilers here.

Along Links journey, you will find lots of power ups, armor, weapons, and food. The more and more that I play, I still find myself going; Oh WOW, I can do this…or that. The game is completely open world, although there will be parts of it unaccessible to you until you get a certain item. Being able to either chop trees down, set fire to grass, or just hop on a horse and ride around is a breath of fresh air. It is simply amazing how many various things you can do, that you will probably never think of.

I haven’t seen much difference between the Wii U version and the Switch version other than some shading. I am playing on the Switch and it is very smooth. I definitely recommend that you get a Pro Controller though.

So to wrap up this semi-review. I definitely recommend this game. Even if you aren’t a Zelda fan. This game is sure to keep you addicted for the next few days even weeks. With the DLC coming in the future, it is a solid buy. My Score. 9.5/10

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